Manager, Accounts Payable

October 22, 2019

Under the supervision of the Financial Controller, the incumbent performs various work related to the processing of accounts payable. He ensures the follow-up and conciliations necessary for the issue of a check from the supporting documents submitted. In addition, the Accounts Payable Manager provides all the usage tracking related to accounts payable processing.


  1. Assembles, corroborates, and verifies documents - invoice accounting;
  2. Enter the necessary data for invoice accounting in the appropriate period and ensure the accuracy of the supporting documents and approvals required;
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  4. Prepares the disbursements according to the payment conditions established by the Company;
  5. Ensures the reconciliation of the statements of accounts and corroborates them to the accounting records;
  6. Receives and classifies the accounts payable mail and communicating with suppliers regarding the payment of their accounts or the investigation of discrepancies claimed;
  7. Track and compile adjustments to the credits to be applied to the accounts; supplier invoices;
  8. Ensures that all necessary approvals are produced on payments containing price, quantity, tax, transportation, or discount differences;
  9. Assembles and classifies supporting documents in their respective files and ensures the control of these parts;
  10. At the request of his superior, carries out the compilations requested and prepares the files of suppliers for the purpose of transmission;
  11. Prepares, distributes and revises the work of those assisting him / her in entering invoices
  12. Performs other related work at the request of his superior.


  • High School Diploma Completed
  • Hold a DEC in Administration / Accounting, an Asset
  • Have two (2) years of relevant experience
  • Have good technical and functional skills
  • Good knowledge of bookkeeping and bookkeeping
  • Be oriented to the client and to results
  • Be comfortable communicating with suppliers in a courteous and efficient manner
  • Demonstrate initiative, rigor, respect and commitment integrity
  • Autonomy and sense of organization
  • Good relations with colleagues and superiors
  • Ability to provide quality work
  • Computer knowledge: Office suite: Word, PowerPoint, Virtuo (trump), Outlook
  • Excellent command of Excel
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