Financial Analyst (Project Portfolio)

January 14, 2020

Under the supervision of the Advisor, Project Portfolio Management and Investment Activities, this function is essential for the administration of cash flow and project financing. In addition, the incumbent compiles, validates, analyzes and presents data from the project portfolio in different models in order to respond to multiple requests and promote decision-making. Finally, the incumbent supervises, develops and maintains the project monitoring system and the project portfolio.

Details of responsibilities:

Cash, forecast and projections

  • In collaboration with project managers, consolidate cash flow forecasts and participate in updating the budget for STL cash desk
  • Participate in company forecasts and projections.

Debt service and financing

  • Administer the aspects relating to loan regulations, in financing and payment of subsidies
  • Collaborate in the capital expenditure program for the financial arrangement of projects and allocations, in accordance with budgetary guidelines

Accountability and dashboards for projects and project portfolios

  • Participate in the design and then maintain, query, analyze the database consolidated projects in the portfolio and ensure the quality of these and performance indicators
  • Support the monitoring and reporting process for projects and the project portfolio

Process and systems management

  • Participate in the review of by-laws, practices, policies and procedures relating to funding, grants and po rtefeuille of projects
  • Ensuring the supervision, the maintenance, the evolution, the optimization and the verification of the impact of the SOFE system and the processes under the responsibility of the Chief Portfolio of projects and financial systems or projects entrusted to him

Monitoring and support

  • Act as resource person for different internal and external stakeholders
  • Build presentations, documents, reports, files, etc.


  • Diploma in 1st cycle in accounting or finance
  • Recognized professional title (CPA), an important asset
  • Three (3) to five (5) years of relevant experience in the field
  • Experience in project portfolios, project finance or corporate finance, an asset
  • General knowledge of financial systems, municipal accounting, finance and management accounting
  • Computer skills: S uite Office (Word, Excel advanced functions and financial modeling, PowerPoint, Outlook)
  • Experience in the public sector, an asset

This position is combined with the position of Financial Analyst (investment activities) for vacations and weekly holidays.

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