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May 06, 2019

TALINKO - Search for Talent being involved in the cause of Oxfam-Québec and wishing to have a positive impact on both local and international humanitarian aid, we are pleased to help recruit the Board Chair who will join a dynamic and engaged team.

THE ROLE: OXFAM-QUÉBEC BOARD OF DIRECTORS CHAIR Oxfam-Québec is a and organization > international co-operation non-profit and non-partisan. It is part of a global movement of citizens who are committed to ending poverty and injustice. In collaboration with partners and allies of developing countries , Oxfam-Québec supports the implementation of sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice. It mobilizes the people of Quebec in the expression of their solidarity.

Oxfam-Québec is a member of the Oxfam International Confederation, which brings together 20 organizations that work together with partners and local communities in more than 80 countries.

The Chair of the Oxfam-Québec Board of Directors is responsible for guiding the Board of Directors with respect to strategic directions of Oxfam-Québec. She leads the board of directors by fulfilling her fiduciary duties that enable her to establish a healthy, open and respectful dialogue for decision-making.

Wanted profile

  • Skills and experience to know the functioning and workings of a board of directors and its committees. High-level involvement, preferably, but not exclusively, in chairing a board of directors in a strategic perspective and promoting the mission.
  • Recognized leadership, capable of guiding individual administrators to work as a team and mobilizing them towards a common vision and goals that serve the organization's mission.
  • The person is just as comfortable in French as in English, since she represents Oxfam-Québec on the Board of Oxfam International.

The Chairman of the Board

  • Leads board meetings and ensures the integrity and effectiveness of board processes and its governance role.
  • Acts as an interface between the Board and senior management, on behalf of the Board and in accordance with the instructions and authorities delegated by it.
  • Represents Oxfam-Québec on the board of directors of the Oxfam International Confederation; and to its stakeholders, and any other person, organization, company or other person in connection with Oxfam-Québec.
  • Participates in various activities and events related or organized by Oxfam-Québec.
  • Ensures regular meetings of the Board of Directors approximately 5 times a year, including once in the General Assembly of members.
  • Participate and lead phone meetings that may be added as needed.
  • Directs the Human Resources Committee that hires and evaluates the Branch.
  • Attend meetings of various committees if deemed necessary. These committees were created and appointed by the board to support its work. The different committees are: Finance and Audits, Governance and Ethics,Human Resources, Fundraising Campaigns, Oxfam International, Influence and Citizen Participation.

Availability Must be available 1-2 days per month, divided as follows:

  • 10 to 15 days: Board Meetings, Oxfam International Membership Meeting and Meetings and Preparation. These dates are planned in advance and can be included on the agenda.
  • 3 to 5 days: working sessions with senior management, representation activities, and other files as needed.

Skills and Knowledge

  • Solid experience in the knowledge, understanding and application of good governance rules of a board of directors. Experience as a board chair or governance training are assets;
  • Knowledge and experience with international organizations, or international cooperation an asset.
  • Adhere to OXFAM values, including values ​​of integrity, high ethical standards, respect, confidentiality
  • Have the ability to conceptualize and think strategically and in relation to the values ​​and mission of OXFAM.
  • Have experience of accountability to stakeholders and understand the importance of performance standards;
  • Demonstrate excellent political skills and ability to influence the various stakeholders in the field to support the mission of OXFAM.
  • Having skills in finance, risk management or fundraising would be an asset
  • Demonstrate high skills in managing board meetings by developing objectives supported by clear agendas and chairing meetings to be productive;
  • Be able to recognize and evaluate business risks and strategic opportunities;
  • Have the ability to distinguish between the roles assigned to the Board of Directors and that of the Executive Board and its Executive Committee;
  • Possess skills for coaching and feedback;
  • Demonstrate the ability to think, act and speak independently, with conviction and confidence.
  • Have strong leadership skills for consensus building;
  • Demonstrated skills for problem solving and interpersonal skills;
  • Be willing to participate in board orientation and continuing education.

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