Administrative secretary

May 06, 2020

Medelys is a company that evolves in the field of health products. We are manufacturers of natural health products and drugs for over the counter.

New drug development projects are underway in collaboration with the company RTI (pharmaceutical) and requires the contribution of dynamic staff and wanting to work in a constantly evolving entrepreneurial environment and who likes to participate in the challenges of novelty and excellence.


Secretariat and administration. The person designated for this position must be versatile in writing and organizing files, be able to interact with business correspondents and help with administrative tasks (accounting entries, regulatory relations, etc.).

Description of tasks:

Answering the phone, making transfers and taking messages

Writing emails and letters in French and English.

Respond to client emails and forward other emails to the people concerned.

Data entry, accounting, reports and account management, using Sage Simply Accounting software.

Accounting support.

Correspond with regulatory authorities (tax, health, university, hospital, etc.) according to the directives of hierarchical superiors.

Use of Canada Post software , email, fax and other means of communication.

Classification and organization Ion of both IT and physical files (use the Office suite)

Help with the assembly of Power Point presentations. Help with communication using web tools: write texts, images or other documents on the platform web, review and register newsletters and blog, provided by the team and do the same for other web applications such as social networks set up.



Essential requirements


Good functional knowledge of spoken and written French and English.

Basic arithmetic Knowledge of Microsoft office suite software

Accounting knowledge

Ease of web communication: ie being able to respond on digital platforms (website, blog, instagram, facebook, linked in etc.)


Office automation experience in the field of customer service


Good listening skills, good integration skills, Observation skills, likes to learn, receptive to continuous improvement)

Team work

Autonomy, Initiative

Proficiency in software Outlook, Word, Excel, Power point

Starting salary: $ 20 / h for a 35-hour week, from 9 am to 4 p.m. (minus 1/2 hr for lunch).

Remuneration to be revised every 6 months.

Paid vacation according to current labor standards.

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