Administrative Assistant - Insolvency Services

September 30, 2019

Client relationship

Respond to customer calls with empathy, promptness and accuracy to provide quality information and confidence from the first contact;

Provide a follow-up of prospects and potential customers on the CRM;

Manage calendars and coordinate appointments at different points of service;

Track the various emails received or sent from customers and others;

Mail management, receiving, distribution and sending;


Writing and layout of letters, reports and other documents;

Assisting in the preparation of statutory documents of personal and commercial insolvency cases;

E-filing of records and reports to the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy;

Prepare notices to creditors and debtors and all other correspondence;

Administratively support the team in their daily duties;

Research at RDPRM, Land Registry, Black Book and Business Register;

Proceed quickly to classify the relevant documents;

Perform other related tasks according to priorities.

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