Accounting technician

January 11, 2021

Description of the company

We are a young, growing company that offers personalized accounting and tax services to SMEs in the greater Montreal area. Our comprehensive services are focused on a strong customer relationship.

We have an accounting technician position to fill as soon as possible.

Roles and responsibilities

  • Complete accounting cycle for several companies in various sectors of activity
  • Submission of DAS, TPS-TVQ, CCQ
  • Full responsibility for keeping files of book and communication with customers
  • Production of personal taxes
  • Administrative tasks of the daily management of SMEs

Required skills

  • Experience of at least 5 years in a similar job (required)
  • Proficiency in SAGE, AVANTAGE and QUICKBOOKS accounting software (required)
  • Proficiency in Excel and the Office suite (compulsory)
  • Proficiency in the spoken and written French language (compulsory)
  • Be able to give DAS, TPS- TVQ and CCQ (mandatory)
  • Knowledge of Taxprep software for sales statements from individuals (an asset)

Desired qualities

  • Dymanic and resourceful
  • Autonomous
  • Attention to detail

Working conditions

  • Permanent position
  • Full time
  • Flexible hours
  • Possibility of teleworking
  • Large individual office with window
  • State-of-the-art computer equipment

So if you meet all the conditions, we need you asap. All you have to do is apply here and we'll contact you to set up a ZOOM interview.

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