Accounting and Certification Manager

September 03, 2019

One of our clients, a very large accounting firm located in downtown Montreal, is looking for a certification director:


  • Provide industry and technical expertise through customer interaction, written reports, technical work, presentations to management and the production of high quality deliverables.
  • Lead teams to serve clients including certification work, audits, tax compliance mandates, budgeting, internal controls and financial and accounting operations.
  • Manage multiple mandates simultaneously
  • Gain a thorough understanding of the firm's services, activities and lines of business through hands-on client learning.
  • Identify and analyze customer needs and provide customers with comprehensive solutions and advice.
  • Work with the client's engagement team prior to beginning work with the client to discuss roles and responsibilities, risk elements, significance, and timelines.
  • Become familiar with clients' key financial systems.
  • Lead mandates efficiently.
  • Track progress of work on client files, and mentor team in various mandates.
  • Prepare and deliver competitive proposals.
  • Mobilize the team appropriately to ensure that proper documentation is prepared for the client and that file procedures are rigorously followed.
  • Summarize the current financial situation by collecting information and preparing the balance sheet, statement of operations and other relevant reports.
  • Verify and assess the appropriateness of audit evidence, relating to expenses, revenues, capital expenditures, accounts payable, accounts receivable and prepaid expenses.
  • Review and correct discrepancies and irregularities in financial records, documents, and reports.
  • Analyze the presentation of client financial information to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of revenue and expense accounting.
  • Revision of corporate (T2) and individual (T1) tax returns.
  • Prepares correspondence, technical reports, client summaries and presentations outlining findings, facts and highlights related to the client's mandate.
  • Meet and communicate with clients to gather information and at the end of term to present the annual financial statements.
  • Report issues that have been identified throughout the mandate and whose resolution requires the assistance of the responsible partners.
  • Correspondence with clients and various government agencies to resolve tax compliance issues for these clients.
  • Design, write and deliver a final presentation or report to the client.
  • Foster positive customer relationships and build relationships with new customers.
  • Increase the visibility of MNP bythrough chatting during community events, including client and firm-sponsored functions.
  • Respond to business and general public questions about service delivery opportunities.
  • Establish contact networks of key decision makers.
  • Network in the local business community; consider business development opportunities.
  • Encourage and engage the project team by providing an understanding of project parameters, overall plan, time requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure the team's technical input is accurate and of high quality.
  • Coordinate and participate in the progress of completed work on files.
  • Liaise and correspond professionally with clients, colleagues and the firm's management team.
  • Foster client relationships with the firm and teams to provide excellent customer service.
  • Advises and coaches team members on their professional development and personal growth.
  • Conduct annual written and formal performance reviews.
  • Promote attendance and well-being at work and a balanced lifestyle for staff members.

Titles and Skills

  • Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation or equivalent.
  • Minimum of four (4) to five (5) years of relevant public accounting work experience.
  • Excellent understanding of business principles, accounting, management and prospecting.
  • Experience in designing mission procedures based on risk and significance.
  • This position may require travel.

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